Bring your own food container, and save the world a little everyday

The UK alone produces more than 170m tonnes of waste every year, much of it food packaging. Some of it is poisonous, and some of it never degrades. It can take 450 years for some types of plastic bottle to break down and lot of it isn’t biodegradable at all. Less than a third of plastic packaging is recycled and lots of it finds its way back to our food. It ends up in our salt, our water, and our beer (our beer!).

Unpackit is an initiative to cut down the use of food packaging by bringing our own container when getting a lunchtime takeaway. As simple as that.

It’s time to do something!

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Unpackit Retailers

We are kicking off a trial across London to begin signing up retailers. From this we hope to scale the trial across the UK. Look out for the Unpackit Logo - or better still - just handover your food container and get them to put your food in it. 

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Get Involved



If you are a food retailer and want to sign up to Unpackit please use the contact form below. 




Just remember your lunch container,  and go save the world a little (and tell your friends what you did). And if your local food retailers aren't signed up to Unpackit - tell them they should be. 




We are currently working with biodegradable lunch container manufacturers in order to offer you a discount (if you need to buy a container). But generally we would prefer if you used something that you already have (we're sure you'll find something suitable in the back of your tupperware cupboard). 

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